New Year Update 2012 – King Street Cultural Quarter

Happy New Year to everyone in the King Street Cultural Quarter. Hope you had
a good festive season and that 2012 has started well for you.

We thought it would be useful to send you an update on how the King Street
Cultural Quarter is progressing, let you know ways you can be involved and get
your thoughts on ideas.



There are plans for new walking signs along King Street and the Riverside, to
link our part of the City to the walking signage elsewhere in the City centre.

Signs around the City, including the Station, will signpost walkers to King
Street.  Once walkers are in King Street places like Dragon Hall, St
Julian’s and the walking bridges will be signed.

We’ll let you know when the signs are likely to be installed.

Thank you to Kieran Yates from Norwich City Council who came along to go
through the walking signage plans.  The new signs are funded from the Lady
Julian Bridge project.


A big thank you to Natasha and Brenda, without them the Cultural Quarter wouldn’t have existed.  They’ve been carrying out the organisational & secretarial side of the King Street Cultural Quarter, but sadly their contracts at Dragon Hall will finish in March.  We wish them luck with new projects.

As such we need to find someone to help with the membership management.  Perhaps you have some spare staff time or know someone who would like some part-time secretarial work.

Please get in touch with Jason, the Cultural Quarter Chair (, and we can look at ways to fund a part-time position.


The development of the King Street Cultural Quarter is all about the members of the Quarter.  The more people who join, the better the representation and chance of carrying out projects.

If you haven’t already filled in the membership form online, please do.  Membership is FREE, whether you are an individual or an organisation.

You can find the membership form at:

The more members, the more chance of funding, so please pass this onto your next door neighbours, your work colleagues and anyone else you think may be interested in the King Street Cultural Quarter!


The events committee have been looking at event possibilities for the Cultural Quarter.

Originally there was a suggestion that the King Street Festival should be started again.  Whether that is wanted by the community will become clear over time, but there is definitely support for community events.

Events will only happen with good support, so if you can help please volunteer to be on the committee or to help out at events.  Email:


The King Street Cultural Quarter will only be as good as the people involved.

At the moment there is the main committee, which has gained the name of the Executive Committee, but this seems a little formal.  Suggestions of a less formal name would be great.

There is also a sub committee which is concentrating on the Events, including some form of street celebration.

There have been suggestions of a residents association, which seems sensible.  They could then discuss specific residents issues and report back to the main committee with recommendations and potential projects.

It’s clear that none of the committees will succeed without committed members and a strong chair.  We still need a chair for the events committee and if the residents committee is to go ahead then we need a chair for that too.  Volunteers please contact:


The King Street Cultural Quarter won’t work without business support.  So we’d like to list all the organisations in the Cultural Quarter on the website:

If you’d like your organisation listed, please fill out the membership form on the website:

We’ll then email you and request a logo, a couple photos and some blurb about your business, so we can get you listed on the website.

While the Cultural Quarter is developing this will be Free, so get in early!

Businesses would be very welcome on committees, so please do get involved – The Events committee and Executive definitely would like your input!


Any suggestions of places we can find funding?


The immediate need is to pay for some regular secretarial work to hold together the Cultural Quarter.

There will be funding needed for events and the projects that the members want to see happening.

If you know of funding pots or would like to sponsor the work of the Cultural Quarter, then please contact Jason, the Cultural Quarter Chair (


The website is up and running and we’d love you to add your events to it.

You can add virtually any type of event, from Walking Tours to Art Exhibitions, from Workshops to Karate Classes.

To add events, click on the ‘Click here to add Events’, which appears on every page on the website, just under the Logo.

You’ll need to register first if you aren’t already registered on the website (separate to membership).


Do you have news that you’d like to share with everyone?

Well we would love you to submit your news and press releases to the website –

You can do this very easily.  Contact Jason, the Cultural Quarter Chair ( and he will add you as an Author for the website and you’ll be able to add your news as and when you need to.

Get posting, so that everyone knows what your organisation is up to!


This is an appeal to everyone who is in the King Street Cultural Quarter.

Please Please Please tell people about the Cultural Quarter!

As the members, you are the best advertisers and can do it very easily.  Here are some suggestions:

– Link to from your website, preferably with the Cultural Quarter logo!


– Forward this Update to everyone you can think of!

– Mention that you are in the King Street Cultural Quarter on websites, leaflets, promotion material and all that sort of stuff!

– Follow @KingStNorwich on Twitter

– Like KingStNorwich on Facebook

Other suggestions very welcome


With the help of the Norwich City Council Arboricultural officer and others, efforts are currently underway to plant some much needed trees along King Street.

Hopefully this will be funded through a King Street Cultural Quarter application for a Defra-funded grant under their Big Tree Plant initiative.

Once agreement has been reached within the Council, it is hoped that the application can be submitted in March 2012 with a view to planting the trees later in the year.


The team at Dragon Hall thought members of the King Street Cultural Quarter would enjoy a free tour of Dragon Hall.

The tour takes place on
Sunday 26th February

To take part you will need to have filled out the membership form on the website and booked onto the tour by telephoning 01603 663922.

There will no doubt be many other tours and events to bring together the members of the King Street Cultural Quarter, so watch the website and these updates for more information.


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