King Street Cultural Quarter, Norwich, Norfolk


The King Street Cultural Quarter is about community, culture, history and the future.

Closely linked to trade and industry by its proximity to the River Wensum, King Street has experienced highs and lows over the centuries – from being one of the City’s oldest and most important streets, lined with high-status housing for merchants and civic leaders, to a slum area of squalid yards and red lightactivity. During the latter part of the 20th century the street suffered a slow decline, losing almost all its shops, industries and services, including 27 pubs and 2 breweries.

Regeneration in recent decades has begun a transformation in the Quarter. Significant redevelopment projects at historic buildings, such as Dragon Hall and Wensum Lodge, have encouraged educational visits and tourism in the area. New housing has boosted resident numbers and improved facilities. The street and its neighbourhood are re-discovering their identity, celebrating the past, learning from previous difficulties and establishing a place for the future.

The King Street Cultural Quarter is a group made up of local residents, businesses and others with an interest in the area and aims to:

  • Respect the historic environment and preserve people’s memories of this important area
  • Nurture, encourage and help coordinate the reinvigoration of this wonderfully rich and diverse neighbourhood
  • Encourage residents and local businesses to get involved, working together to make progress
  • Put this part of our ‘Fine City’ back on the map as a place where people feel part of a community, creativity is encouraged and nurtured, and the past influences developments that will shape its future

The King Street Cultural Quarter has so far:

  • Established the King Street Community Gardens project
  • Held two annual ‘Big Lunch’ events
  • Organised a walkabout to enable residents to raise their concerns about the area
  • Developed a website –
  • Discussed plans to bring back the King Street Festival in 2012
  • Supported the proposed re-opening of Wensum Lodge sports hall and the retention of the car park – both vital to Wensum Lodge
  • Held the first King Street Question Time

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